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600: Tactical Response to the Active Shooter

600: Tactical Response to the Active Shooter

LENGTH: 3 days

Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Utah Mall Shooting--

Whether the motives are terrorism related, or the result of some other psychological motivation, the objective of an active shooter is that of mass murder, rather than murder as a by-product of robbery, hostage taking, or some other criminal gain.

The active shooter has demonstrated their intent to use deadly force, and will continue to do so as long as they have unrestricted access to additional victims.

In the last ten years we have seen an increase in this type of criminal behavior, from schools, to shopping malls, to places of worship and business.

An active shooter can occur at any time, in any place.

When seconds cost lives, it is up to the first responding officers on the scene to eliminate this threat.

Traditionally, this type of response methodology was reserved for advanced tactical teams such as SWAT, ERT or other specialized response teams.

Today, however, any Police Officer, Bailiff, Investigator, Special Agent or Security Officer can find themselves in the midst of an active shooter scenario, and it will be up to them to act decisively.

Hesitation or delay by responding officers can cost innocent lives, but a lack of training or inadequate preparation can also cost lives; including the officers involved in responding to these critical incidents.

It is essential that officers receive the proper tools and training in order to respond effectively to an active shooter.This course is designed to offer training in advanced level tactics to the squad level officer.

The curriculum is specifically designed to meet the response priorities for officers responding to an active shooter.

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